Landscaping for Privacy IDEAS
Image by emetzner130 from Pixabay

Landscaping for Privacy IDEAS

Erecting a living wall (garden) in San Diego is ideal because they are easy to maintain and are a great conversation starter. The small amount of water native that plants require help maintains this perfect green installation year round.

Hedges are Elegant Screening Plants

Nothing speaks timeless elegance like royal, over the head, hedges. Hedges have been privacy increasing plants for decades because of their impenetrable branches and leaves.

There’s a reason aristocrats used them throughout their castle grounds. They grow tremendously high, are easy to trim and make for gorgeous barriers. If your neighbor is opposed to a fense, this barrier is more naturally appealing from both sides. They are also minimal maintenance and require infrequent trimming.


Increase Privacy with Bamboo Grass

Bamboo is a very popular screening plant as it adds a vertical dimension to your landscape while creating an opaque barrier. Especially popular in Zen-style gardens, bamboo is a great option to bring in some exotic flavor no matter where you live. It’s best to combine this plant with layering techniques. They are a great landscaping plant for San Diego’s climate!

This family wanted to create an entertaining transitional space for when they had guests over and not have to worry about the neighbors knowing they had people over. We chose the bamboo because of its durability, extremely fast growth rate, and tranquil vibes.

Decorative Privacy Fences

Nothing’s more brilliant for landscape construction to increase privacy than the old fashioned fence, but if fences are too boring for you we can certainly give it a twist. For example, choosing diverse types of wood or integrating artificial turf into the wood is an innovative take on a traditional fence.

This home is located just east of downtown San Diego, which means small and tight living spaces. We took the client’s specific request and used it to design a multi-use outdoor living space where kids could play securely.

When living right next to a metropolitan area, there isn’t much greenery and this was an excellent way to create the illusion of being surrounded by nature.

We designed this fence to have turf slats instead of using all wood to give this couple a taste of nature, without the maintenance. For people who don’t have a lawn, wanted to block out the noisy neighborhood, and had small space to work with, we’d say our designers knocked it out of the park!

Reduce Noise For Increased Landscaping Privacy

Privacy isn’t just about not being seen.

It is also about not being heard or hearing the outside world. Your backyard is your personal oasis where you want to escape the world.

Achieve Peace & Serenity with a Waterfall

A water feature is an excellent technique to muffle the noise of what is going on inside or outside of your backyard. This works by creating a consistent white noise effect in your home, much like a fan helps you to sleep.

This peaceful noise of running water will lull you into relaxation while allowing you be as loud or as quiet as you’d like. Waterfalls add another dimension to your landscaping decor because of the natural feel they add to a landscape.

In this project, we had the challenge of designing on a landscape on an extended slope, while also addressing the neighbor’s constant noise complaints.

This waterfall was crafted to achieve a specific, gentle noise, and water flow through the strategic placement of each stone. The stream runs off of flat stones, crashing through various levels, creating a delightful sound.

Emerald Green Thujas are Fast Growing Privacy Trees

Similar to hedges, Emerald Green Thujas are a natural privacy barrier for people’s homes. The biggest reason is their growth rate and layering foliage.