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Image by Majaranda from Pixabay
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Fall is here! But that doesn’t mean your outdoor space has to stop being beautiful. Ornamental grasses, fall blooming perennials, berries and those oh-so-special changing leaves are all factors that make fall fabulous!

Ornamental grasses and airy perennials such as Russian Sage take centre stage late into the fall season in this backyard retreat with sweeping views.

Many perennials happily bloom until frost such as this Blanket Flower,

And this Anemone.

Always leave your garden standing and don’t cut back until springtime to leave food-seeds for the birds.

All Maples have fall leaf colour! Just look at the gorgeous orange shades found in these Sugar Maples

and in this Japanese Maple.

A common favourite, Burning Bush burns a bright red,

As does this Serviceberry.

Sumac turns a number of red and orange shades depending on the variety.

And berries abound on this Highbush Cranberry shown above.

Landscape design encompasses so much more than just pretty flowers. And the garden part is just one facet of the design. All parts need to work together to make an outdoor living space fabulous in every season!