Landscaping Ideas Walkways and Paths
Image by JamesDeMers from Pixabay

Landscaping Ideas Walkways and Paths

Because access is necessary in most yards and landscapes, a garden path or walkway is generally a necessary hardscape element in most plans. And since it’s possible to build one out of most materials such as gravel, concrete, flagstone, pavers, or bricks, you have an opportunity to be creative as well as budget minded and cost effective.

In many instances, adding a path or sidewalk creates the opportunity to lay out a big portion of your design plans. If the yard you plan to create is a functional area to be used, then it’s a good idea to first think about and plan for access from one area to another. In doing so, laying out the access ways can create the beginning structure of your design, create shape, take up some space, and give you areas to landscape around.

Adding access is an opportunity to be creative regardless if your project is a small garden or a huge yard. Besides these layouts themselves, you’ll see some good planting schemes and possibly even a complete landscape path or walkway you can use in your own design.