Landscape Design Sheffield
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Landscape Design

Landscape Design Sheffield

This is a two year full time postgraduate course for graduates in other subjects who wish to qualify as professional Landscape Architects in the UK and other IFLA member countries. The course is fully accredited by the Landscape Institute.

The first year is an intensive “conversion” year. Students are introduced to landscape design approaches, theories and history, develop visual and IT skills and tackle a broad range of design projects of increasing complexity. The teaching and learning is studio based, with students working on projects in groups and individually, with a high level of support and guidance from tutors. The studio projects are supported by workshops, lectures, seminars, and site visits.

Modules studied:

First year – Landscape Architecture: Nature, design, people, Urban Ecological Design and Management, Landscape Planning, Landscape Urbanism and Design Project, Introduction to Landscape Research, Landscape Research Topics and Dissertation, Research Dissertation (Landscape Studies only)

Second year – Special Project Brief, Professional Practice, Law and Contracts, Special Project

One of the following: Urban Landscape Planning, Landscape Design and Art Practice, Greenspace Maintenance

One of the following: Rural Landscape Planning, Urban Design Project, Greenspace Management

Post Diploma: Landscape Research Dissertation

All modules comprise of: A Project, Theory and methods lectures, Cultural lectures, Ecology, vegetation and management studies, Social studies, Topographic water and construction studies, Media, tools, and communication workshops

Please note that the course details set out here may change before you start, particularly if you are applying significantly in advance of the course start date.

Entry requirements:

Good undergraduate honours degree or equivalent qualification in a relevant subject. In exceptional circumstances we will also accept candidates without a first degree who have relevant skills and education through previous employment and/or study that demonstrates their ability to complete a higher degree, subject to the written approval of the Faculty of Architecture.

In general we have an inclusive admissions policy and are interested in enthusiastic and committed applicants. If you have any concerns about your eligibility please do not hesitate to contact Kamni Gill for further advice. Alternatively, contact Jonathan Woodward for further information.


Details of the fees payable may be found at:

Most students are self-funded but postgraduate students normally resident in the UK may be eligible for a Career Development Loan- further details are available at

International students may be eligible for scholarship assistance. For details see

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