Low Water Landscape Ideas
Image by Sergio Cerrato - Italia from Pixabay

Low Water Landscape Ideas

In western Riverside County, 60% or more of typical residential water use goes to landscaping. This makes the landscape an ideal place to look for ways to save water. Check out the following for helpful ideas and resources:

Landscapes Southern California Style

– Western’s one-acre water efficiency garden. Visit the garden for ideas and additional resources at: 450 Alessandro Blvd., Riverside CA 92508. The garden is open daily from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm daily except for major holidays.

Water Saving Garden Friendly

– A program to help you find climate-appropriate plants.

Sustainable Landscaping

– Conserve resources and beautify your landscape with this University of California Cooperative Extension publication.

Water-wise Landscape Contest

– Do you have an established water-efficient garden? Show the region that saving water can be beautiful! The contest accepts entries April through May of each year. Check out the contest web site for great ideas and inspiration.

Landscape Design Ideas

– Get ideas from these climate-appropriate landscape design templates. More coming soon! The following plans illustrate landscape designs that are created for two types of residential customers: “family” and “empty nesters.” Each of these customer types contains plans for three types of watering regimes: very low water use (30% ET), low water use (50% ET), and moderate water use (70% ET).

What should I plant?

Climate-appropriate is the key.

How much does it cost?

Participants in our recent turf replacement program spend, on average, $2.50 per square foot for a basic landscape of plants, mulch, and drip irrigation conversion installed by a contractor. However, when hardscape items such as pavers, patios, pergolas, and walls are added, the costs can increase greatly and will vary with the type of materials selected.