Privacy Fence Landscaping IDEAS
Image by Dekanda from Pixabay

Privacy Fence Landscaping IDEAS

While we do not provide installation services, we think there are a few things people should know when installing a wood privacy themselves, or hiring an installation company. Make sure your fence installer is licensed and insured and knowledgable in the latest installation standards. Ask them how they secure the fence posts and at what depth, how many rails of framing they’ll include, and what kind of warranty they include on their installation practice and materials. If your property has inclinations and declinations, know whether the fence will be built to follow the contour of the ground, or if it will be stepped. The latter will create gaps at the bottom of the fence but may be more aesthetically pleasing depending on the style of wood fence you’ve chosen. Wood gates can become a source of frustration overtime as the natural material is bound to make movements due to weather changes and general use. Know what your installer is doing to mitigate these issues. One such precaution is using Cedar framing on gates to reduce the weight. Another good standard to follow is the use of 6×6 posts on all wood gates, regardless of size, as they’ll be stronger and less likely to sag. Remember, the key to avoiding surprises along the way is to do your research and ask the right questions before mistakes are made!

Wood Privacy Fence Ideas:

When looking for unique wood privacy fence ideas, we have a few suggestions to help you get started. First, start by checking out the privacy fence designs we have provided, and see if there is any specific styles or features that you like. Keep in mind that we encourage our customers to mix and match different upgrades to come up with a unique design. With over ten common upgrades, there are literally thousands of possible unique designs. Next, we suggest checking out magazines for up-to-date design ideas. Most books on fencing will only have standard and outdated fence ideas, so home and garden design magazines are your best sources. In terms of online resources, a Google, Yahoo or Bing image search is another great way to find different fence ideas.

Design Your Own Unique Privacy Style With Our Wood Privacy Fence Upgrades:

  • Exposed Posts/Inset Pickets

A fence with exposed posts simply has the pickets inset between the posts, rather than across the face of the posts. This allows the fence posts to be visible when facing the front of the fence.

A “fascia” is a board that is placed horizontally on the face of the fence. These are used to frame the front of the fence and add asthetic appeal.

A top board is a board that lays flat on the top of each privacy fence section. Most commonly, we use 1×4’s, 2×4’s, 1×6’s and 2×6’s for top boards.

The possibilities for a lattice-topped fence are endless. From vertical and horizontal lattice to traditional diagonal and custom designs, you can design and build any and all styles of lattice for your fencing. Just make sure your installation professional has a clear idea of what the end product should look like.

Post tops can be cut any way you desire, but here are a few common ones: light dado, dual dado, french gothic and pointed.

Post cap options are seemingly endless, from copper and aluminum to solar lighted and stained glass.

Standard wood privacy fences are generally built in either 6 or 8 foot heights, but don’t be scared to ask your installation professional for different height options.

While basic privacy fence lumber is usually MCQ™ pressure treated pine, about 1/3 of wood fencing customers upgrade to western red cedar. Other less common lumber upgrades include oak, cypress and bamboo.

While all the lumber most full service fence companies use when constructing fences is either chemically treated or naturally resistant to rot and decay, we strongly suggest water sealing your fencing to extend the life and natural beauty of the wood. Sealing a fence should be done a few months after installation, when the lumber is well dried. Staining wooden fencing is another popular option that will allow your fence to be almost any color desired.