Natural Rock Landscaping IDEAS
Image by Gerhard G. from Pixabay

Natural Rock Landscaping IDEAS

Connecticut landscape designs often call for the us of natural stone products. And based on the natural surrounding in areas such as Greenwich, Norwalk, and Fairfield, CT, this makes perfect sense. Incorporating natural stone into any landscape can add beauty and dimension, while maintaining the timeless look that CT homeowners crave. With the explosion of the outdoor living market over the last several years, natural stone options have become many; as have the possible uses. Let’s have a look a few of the popular features created with natural stone.

Stone walls

Natural stone retaining walls are often constructed using fieldstone or granite in the CT region. Both of these walls are often capped with Pennsylvania Bluestone, providing a clean and uniform finish on the top of the wall. Aside from which of these materials is used, the installation method also greatly affects the finished look and style of the wall. The two most commonly found installation methods for Greenwich area properties are dry stacked and wet-laid with mortared joints. Truly an art art form, these retaining walls add incredible character to an estate.

Pathways and Stairs

What can be a more inviting pathway to your home than a flagstone sidewalk that meanders with its rugged and non-symmetrical natural shapes to your house? Or perhaps you prefer a more formal look achieved using squares and rectangles? Either way, natural stone such as flagstone or bluestone is a perfect choice for front entryways. Stairs can be created using thick granite or bluestone treads, completing this look all the way to your door. The innate variations of color that run through individual stones create a one-of-a-kind pathway that is more than just a sidewalk. While traditional natural stone can be tricky and somewhat risky to purchase because of inconsistent quality and supply, Natural Stone by Unilock is a great option for CT residents. Learn more about selecting the perfect natural stone for your CT home here.


In the same way stone slabs are pieced together in sidewalks, they can be breathtaking when used to create a patio or sitting area. With flagstone’s uneven edges, your patio can seamlessly spread into your lawn leaving no rigid border. On the opposite side of style spectrum, pattern-cut Pennsylvania bluestone squares and rectangles make for a classic, formal backyard patio. With muted hues of blue and green, bluestone perfectly compliments the natural surroundings of the Norwalk, Fairfield area.

Water Features

A water feature constructed of natural stone can easily be the centerpiece of any CT landscape. Depending on size and complexity, intermingled pools can be stocked with Koi fish, helping to create a backyard retreat perfect for relaxing on the patio. To be more dramatic, a custom water fountain with standing 8’-10’ high can serve as a stand-alone feature, welcoming guests to your Greenwich home. Complete the look with appropriate plantings of English Boxwoods and Lavender and watch this feature become the focal point of your landscape. For a very timeless look, consider using natural stone for the patio surround and a Unilock retaining wall like Rivenstone for around the fountain. The contrast of materials results in a truly unique finished project.