Landscape Design with Water Fountain
Image by Jeffrey Bonto from Pixabay
Landscape Design

Landscape Design with Water Fountain

At Gardenworks we create water features that work with nature, not against it. And we take water conservation and preservation considerations into every landscape design we build.

Here are a few examples of the fountains, waterfalls, and other water features we’ve created for clients in Sonoma County and beyond.

We can create waterfalls that produce a small trickle spilling from a single, colorful stone or ceramic garden decoration, to a waterfall that pours forth a wash of water into a pool from natural-looking rock and stone formations.

Our fountain creations can provide gentle bubblers, mushroom falls, graceful arching or bell-shaped sprays, gushers, and jets. Whatever your wish, you’ll find there are nearly as many fountain and waterfall possibilities to choose from for your yard.

Please contact us to create Garden Amenities like these water features on your property. And visit our Garden Steps and Stairs page to see other projects we can create or to spark ideas for your outdoor spaces.