Nautical Landscaping Ideas
Image by Dalmava from Pixabay

Nautical Landscaping Ideas

If you’ve ever wondered if you could pull together a nautical decorating theme in your home, have no fear; you’ll find lots of ideas here! We’ll give you plenty of suggestions and show you how to use nautical accessories to decorate your kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom.

Living Room Seaside Décor

There are so many opportunities to let your creativity loose when you’re using a nautical theme in your home. If you prefer an understated, subtle, nautical look, select a few well-chosen pieces to spread throughout the home, such as the Nautical Lighthouse LED Tealight Holder, Nautical-themed Anchor LED Candle Holder and the Nautical Hurricane Candle Holders – Set of 2.

However, if you are looking for a bolder look for your living space, then use bright colors like ruby reds and navy blues and offset them with a touch of white. Start by using the Nautical Lighthouse Decorative Throw Pillows to throw on your couch to add a punch of color. If you have side tables, use our charming navy blue Lighthouse Table Linens or try the colorful Lighthouse, Shells and Stars Table Linens featuring lighthouses, boats, and stars.

We also have several types of charming lighthouses that will complement the table linens and throw pillows you have. For instance, these colorful lighthouses like the Black Striped Lighthouse Table Lights, Red Striped Lighthouse Table Lights and Glass Coastal Lighthouse Lamp will light up and add a soft glow to your room.


Nautical Kitchen Décor is Straight Ahead

You’ll notice that a kitchen sees a lot of foot traffic coming and going throughout the day. If you’re looking for a place in your home to add a dash of seaside design, the kitchen is a great place to show off your nautical designing skills.

Start off by adding small pieces, like the Lighthouse and Seagull Salt and Pepper Shakers Set and use the lovely, embroidered Nautical Lighthouse Embroidered Table Runner over the kitchen table.

Looking for a few more items to add to your kitchen? Then consider adding the Nautical Lighthouse Kitchen Timer, Nautical Lighthouse Paper Towel Holder, and the Nautical Bar Harbor Rug.


A few more seafaring details to complete your kitchen makeover are the Nautical Lighthouse Valance, with its picturesque landscape of a lighthouse and sea and this beautiful and easy to apply, Seaside Lighthouse Dishwasher Magnet.

Seaside Style to use in your Bedroom Space

Whether you want to use nautical décor in a bedroom makeover, creating a tranquil and peaceful bedroom using a mixture of calming blues and silver creates a welcoming environment to sleep in. We love this pretty, reversible Coastal Seafaring Quilt with anchors, lighthouses, and sailboats. Hang these two pretty Nautical Sailboat Wall Mirrors on your bedroom wall so you can do a quick glance in the mirror before heading out to start your day.

The lighthouse bedroom Nautical Bar Harbor Lighthouse Comforter Set and the matching Nautical Bar Harbor Lighthouse Curtain Collection are a picture perfect combination for any bedroom. Use the Nautical Bar Harbor bedroom set inside a cozy beach cottage bedroom with creamy white and taupe accent colors.

If you have a little sea captain on your hands, then decorate your child’s room with nautical décor to ensure plenty of sweet dreams as they sail the seven seas. This Nautical Bar Harbor Lighthouse Comforter looks adorable on twin or bunk beds or would also look enchanting in a beach side cottage.

Hang up a few nautical pieces to complete the look of the bedroom, like the Nautical Metal Sailboat Wall Art with sparkling accents and glistening gems or the Nautical Metal Lighthouse Wall Art featuring tall grass, seagulls, a quaint cottage and small beach.

Create a Colorful Nautical Bathroom

Here’s an idea for a bright, nautical look for any bathroom. Use these lively towels embroidered with a lighthouse and a bright red border to create the feeling of being in a lighthouse.

There are many styles and colors that you can use to convey the sense of living near the shore. Depending on the color palette in your home, you can add white and subtle blue items to a room with white or navy painted walls. Or use deep reds and navy blues with white for a completely different coastal look. These ideas are just a starting point for you. If you feel like you’ve created your own personal paradise, then you have achieved decorating success!