Bergen County Landscape Design
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Landscape Design

Bergen County Landscape Design

Installing a patio, or customizing an existing one, is a rewarding step in actualizing the vision you have for your home. If you’re in the process of designing or remodeling your patio, take a look at these tricks from the pros to help you create your little piece of outdoor paradise for your NJ home.

Form and Function

Take some time to consider what the function of your patio will be. If regular, large gatherings are your thing, then a single, open space may be an option, but too many people choose this type of design as a default. Instead, dividing the space into smaller areas, easily accessible to one and other, will create more visual interest and draw people into your yard rather than screening it off as a backdrop. Even at larger gatherings, guests will naturally form smaller groups amongst themselves. Why not give your guests multiple spaces in which to gather?

Taking the function of a patio into account will also help you to decide on its optimal positioning. An outdoor cooking area, for example, works best when situated near the indoor kitchen, or at least in a position easily accessible to the house. Eating areas should be accessible to your cooking area or included as one so that socializing and cooking are not mutually exclusive, while an inviting garden patio in a secluded spot will help to draw people into your garden.

Dark and Light

Aesthetics aside, using dark or light colored pavers can evoke different practical benefits. Dark colored pavers including earthy reds and browns, will soak up the afternoon sun and retain the heat into the evening. This can be beneficial during cool fall evenings to provide additional heating, or on summer nights where being barefoot is preferable. Dogs and cats will also be grateful for being able to join the family for the evening get together and curl up on the warmth of pre-heated stone or concrete.

Light colored pavers serve the opposite purpose, reflecting light and heat and remaining relatively cool in direct sunlight. This makes them ideal for patio areas that will be used mostly during the heat of the day, particularly swimming area patios where family members, especially children, will be barefoot for most of the time. During the evening, lighter colored pavers, while not retaining heat, will make the space seem brighter and larger.

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