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Top 3 Artificial Grass Questions

At our sites, it is not often possible to find artificial grass for lawn rekindling yet. Many summer residents are afraid of it, because. consider good only all natural. We will try to dispel this myth.

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What is artificial grass made of?

Most often, artificial grass is produced using tufting technology, which is used in the manufacture of carpets. During the production process, long threads – blades of grass – are woven into the base of the lawn on a special device. These fibers are made from polyethylene or propylene with the addition of polyamide. Blade length may vary. The most optimal size is considered to be up to 3 cm.

What is the lifespan of artificial grass?

The service life of artificial grass for lawn reformation depends on the properties of the grass. High-quality grass does not deteriorate from sunlight, rain, frost and other adverse weather conditions. Such a lawn can last 20 years or more. True, this can be achieved only on the condition that you have prepared the lawn site well, performed the laying correctly, used backfill, etc.

What are the advantages of artificial grass?

The most important advantages of artificial grass for lawn recrafting:

  • it requires only minimal maintenance, therefore it significantly saves time;
  • the presence of artificial grass has a positive effect on the family budget: there is no need to spend money on gasoline for a lawn mower, on the purchase of fertilizers and on water for irrigation;
  • it is good at any time of the year and does not depend on the vagaries of the weather: it does not fade in the sun, does not rot from endless rains, does not “shed” after winter, etc.
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With the help of artificial grass, you can easily and in a short time ennoble the most difficult part of your territory.