green sod on the backyard
Photo by Tamas Meszaros on Unsplash

Your Green Lawn without Unnecessary Hassle

green grass during the sunset
Photo by Muhammad Abu Sufian Piyash on Unsplash

It is difficult to imagine a private plot without a juicy lawn in front of the house. Still, it is troublesome and long to sow, drive away birds pecking seeds and wait for seedlings. It would be easier to order Sod installation. Get thick, fresh, beautiful grass in a couple of days!

Sod services is a purchased turf with grown grass, which workers simply roll out on the soil. The shoots take root in the soil and the plot turns into a full-fledged lawn. So, there is no need to bother with seeds at all if there is such a simple and quick solution.

Types of sods

There are many varieties of sods. It is worth paying attention to this before Sod delivery:

  • The parterre lawn is an expensive and great-looking covering with thick and juicy grass. It is perfect for creating a front lawn. Landscape designers prefer it for its deep green color and uniformity. Still, giving preference to the parterre lawn, it should be borne in mind that it is very capricious and difficult to care for. It is absolutely impossible to walk on it, arrange picnics, and even more so to play sports. It is not the best option for a country holiday.

    footballer with the ball on the sod
    green grass during the sunset
  • The sports lawn, as you might guess, is designed for outdoor games. In particular, it is used for football fields. Grass perfectly resists the most active trampling. The disadvantage of this coating is one: the need for constant and careful care.
  • Finally, a universal lawn is optimal for suburban areas. It combines resistance to trampling and unpretentiousness, which is due to the competent selection of strong, hardy herbs. One of the main advantages of a universal lawn is that it tolerates sudden temperature changes well. Even severe night frosts are not a problem for it.

A sod is an expensive covering, and it is at least unwise to be careless when choosing it. A reliable Sod supplier will help you make the right choice.