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Landscape and Architectural Design Products

Augmenting Landscape Architects’ Design Workflows with Information Modeling

Hosts: Stephen Schrader, PLA, ASLA, Holcombe Norton Partners, Inc.

Join Stephen Schrader, PLA, ASLA, associate landscape architect at Holcombe Norton Partners, Inc., as he demonstrates how to apply building information modeling (BIM) tools to the practices of landscape architecture and site information modeling. Using real-world examples, Stephen will show how he employed BIM for site planning and project development through comprehensive, innovative, and intelligent workflows to make appropriate decisions throughout the creative process.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the benefits of augmenting existing design workflows with a combination of standard information modeling tools available in design technology, drawing file organization best practices, and parametric, smart objects to model site data and store information beyond the visual representation of the project.
  • Recognize how to apply database, reporting, and spreadsheet functions in worksheets to derive site data from the geometry and smart objects in a design file, simplifying calculation tasks and producing more accurate and construction documents used for project bidding.
  • See how using a plant database to store plant data can aid in preparing worksheets to calculate landscape water use reduction from a calculated baseline to meet water efficiency project goals or earn green building credits.
  • Become aware of how firms use worksheet calculations to test the effects of design decisions in real time and verify compliance with green codes, zoning/landscape ordinances, and LEED/SITES credits.